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OC and FC heroes unite!
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Availability & Commission Information

:iconcommissionsclosed: :icontradesclosed2: :iconcollabsclosed: :iconrequestsclosed:

:star: Will do:
>> humans, anthro (furry), erotic, LGBTQ, original characters, fanart
:star: Will NOT do:
>> extreme gore, extreme sexual exploitation, extreme ideologies
:star: Note me or email me at p (at) for more info.
:star: Paypal: I will confirm which one to send payment to:
>> p (at) or prax.nguyen (at)

:star: General Commission Prices :star:

:bulletblue: Pencil or freehand pen sketch, single character:
$15 USD / 1200 points.
Teens in skinny jeans. by Meibatsu Orleien by Meibatsu girl reading a book by Meibatsu Micaiah as Zero by Meibatsu

:bulletblue: Inked/clean line art, single character:
$50 USD / 4000 points.
Fire Emblem - Nolan bw by Meibatsu Fire Emblem - Ira bw by Meibatsu Aftershock lineart by Meibatsu Fire Emblem - Lakche bw by Meibatsu

:bulletblue: CG sketch, varying quality, single or multiple characters:
Note: It's whatever I can do in 1-2 hours!
$35 USD / 2800 points.
Request Queue - 06 of 10 by Meibatsu Request Queue - 05 of 10 by Meibatsu Request Queue - 08 of 10 by Meibatsu FR Commish for Ryou by Meibatsu

:bulletblue: Computer coloured, single character:
$75+ USD (not accepting points)
Myriad-Saga: Orleien by Meibatsu Oso by Meibatsu Fafnr, Princess of Amat, Queen of my Heart by Meibatsu Sir Gaviel of the Dual Knights by Meibatsu

* Things with more characters (add 75% more for an extra character, max 5), backgrounds, or really complex requests make the price higher.

* This is generally for non-commercial purposes only. (This means you can't make more prints and sell it or use it to advertise).

* These prices are generally for a maximum file size of 8.5" x 11" at 300 dpi (that's 2550 x 3300 pixels~!). If you want the originals or a print physically mailed to you, the cost of shipping will be taken into account.

* Payment through DA Points or Paypal or Amazon Gift Card!

Because I am awkward..!

If I am watching you, I think you are awesome and am inspired by you, or I like the cut of your jib and want to stalk you, or all of the above! Just keep doing what you do. You don't need to thank me for it. XD
If you happen to watch me, thanks! Know that I am grateful for your patronage or subtle support!

I read every comment, but I may not have time or energy to respond to them all. Sorry about that!
Critiques are welcome! I tend not to take things personally, so don't be afraid to ask the tough questions!
I will try my best to answer questions, though it may take a while, especially if it requires a detailed response or a lot of thinking.
If you fave my work, thank you!
Please only send a note if you have something important to say and wish to keep it private. It is hard for me to keep up with any of my notes because I usually forget about them forever. lol

I don't Role Play (RP) much because it's a huge time investment and there is a certain kind of flow I require to be comfortable doing it. This means that sometimes I am very.. very slow.
I prefer to RP in comments and do not like RPing in notes because they tend to get lost as soon as I read them, and then I may never see them again. lol

I prefer to RP in script-style because it gets the point across more succinctly (I don't have the patience to craft nice paragraphs and I am a self-conscious writer lol). Here's how it would generally look:

Prax: Hey, what the heck are you doing there? >_> *walks into room and stares at GLS* You know what I was thinking about? (You wouldn't. lol) "Technology" *nods to herself in pride*

GLS: What's it look like? Making a sandwich. :l *stares back* Why would I know? -- =___=? What about it?

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL

BTW, if you're really young and it raises questions about your maturity or experience, please don't try to engage in hot sexy RPs with my characters because lol awkward. I don't wanna feel like a sex ed teacher. XD

I try to be patient, objective, good-humoured, and open-minded when talking about stuff! I can be mean and sarcastic, but I will make efforts to control my wrathful tendencies if I don't think you can handle them! lol

I lean pretty socially progressive, so please keep your bigotry to yourself unless you're actually willing to discuss these issues intelligently, backed up with compelling research. I have little interest indulging anyone's mental gymnastic capabilities and cognitive dissonance.
AKA I AM: LGTBQ-friendly, feminist, anti-racist, and spiritually eclectic (leaning toward agnostic or atheist).

Characters Adapted for the SGPA & Other Groups!

Ascii emoji references:
`-´ ò_ó ó_ò ರ_ರ ಠ_ಠ ō_ō ꒪_꒪ ō_o õ_õ ę_ę ù_ú ▼_▼ ●_● ・_・ ಥ ⌣ ಥ ꒪▽꒪ ☆ o(≧▽≦)o ・◇・ ゝ。∂ 。・_・。 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ¬、¬ ≧Д≦ 눈_눈 ಡ__ಡ ⊙‿⊙ (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ ಸ3ಸ ↀ︿ↀ ⓛ ︿ ⓛ ‏ ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ (」゜ロ゜)」 (。◕ᴥ ◕。 U) (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ (。+・`ω・´) ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ ( • ᴗ •)و ̑̑ \ ᐛ / ~(__₍^ ~ᆺ~^₎) 💤 ~(_₍^. ̫.^₎。。 🎶 ~(__₍^. _.^₎。。 ... ~(__₍^●` x●´^₎ฅ彡☆
ฅ₍^•̀ ◇•́^₎ฅ AAAA!!! ฅ₍^•▽ •^₎ฅ YAA! ヾʢ•̀ W•́ʡノ゙ NNGHRR!! ໒( ‘꒪ ェ꒪)ა ...hhh.. ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७ ₍ᐢ.- ༝ .ᐢ₎ non. (U⚈᷀᷁ (ω).⚈᷀᷁ ) *sparkle blink!* ၄ Ŏ ㉨ Ŏ ၃ ....... ⍝(V ◉ ᴥ ◉V )⍝ HI!!!
₍^• ᗜ •^₎!!! ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙ (o゜ー゜o)??

:bulletgreen: GA001 : Solar Cat => ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA004 : Dysta => ; [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA005 : Black Seiren => ; [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA012 : Space Girl => ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA014 : Crow => ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA036 : Zenith => ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA037 : Horizon => ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA223 : Sage => [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletgreen: GA224 : Mint => [S2] ; Wiki:

:bulletpurple: GR001 : Silver Zodiac => ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR004 : Miss Candy => ; [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR006 : Miss Kayne => ; [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR013 : Johnny => ; [S2] ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR063 : Black Coma => ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR064 : Ash Trojan => ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR065 : Red Flare => ; Wiki:
:bulletpurple: GR098 : Grae => [S2] ; Wiki:

:bulletorange: GN009 : Wil => ; Wiki:
:bulletorange: GN029 : Nuraj => ; Wiki:
:bulletorange: GN030 : Arkos => ; [S2] ; Wiki:

:bulletyellow: GX001 : Heimdl => ; Wiki:

:bulletblue: Rowan =>
:bulletblue: Orleien =>
:bulletyellow: Asfir =>
:bulletred: Orionhod =>
:bulletwhite: Wil =>

:bulletblack: Forge (Heimdl) =>
:bulletblack: Hammer (Cormag) =>
:bulletblack: Anvil (Asfir) =>
:bulletwhite: Crucible (Sato) =>

The best way to get me to RP? Draw pictures of my OCs interacting with your OCs and I'll feel obligated to write a comment, fave, and have my character react. LOL

Clip Studio Paint is on sale!

Mon Jun 27, 2016, 5:40 PM

Just wanted to update my journal a bit and let people know that Clip Studio Paint is on sale for $20 USD!
For the next.. 7 hours only? Whoops. Should have told everyone sooner. lol

If you like the way Paint Tool SAI handles inking/brushes, then you'll probably have a good time with Clip Studio Paint (also known as Manga Studio in Western marketing before). Clip Studio Paint also has tools that SAI is missing (text tools, rules, other fancy things!). It certainly beats photoshop for linework/inking in feel.

I always get a little bit miffed when people say they use Art Rage or something because when I used that program years and years ago, I just found it useless. (I really dislike imitation "painterly" programs if they aren't robust like say.. Corel Painter. lol).

Here are some people talking about it if you are interested in reading their opinions:…

Original Skin "Birds and Berries" by fantasy-alive (Modified by Meibatsu)


Meibatsu has started a donation pool!
860 / 5,000
I hope you are in a charitable mood! All points go toward Premium Membership or Super Group extensions for:

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